Having grown up in Chemung County and practiced law here for nearly two decades, Damian Sonsire https://bstrencontre.fr/fille-super-belle/ recognizes the importance of electing a person who has the proper mix of experience, temperament, intellect and values. The role of County Court Judge is vital to the administration of justice in our community, particularly at a time when crime throughout Chemung County continues to erode our way of life. It is therefore critical to elect a person to serve as judge who has demonstrated both a deep and long-standing commitment to law and order as well as the proven courage to hold people accountable when they choose to violate the law.

Damian Sonsire possesses the qualities to make an outstanding judge.  He spent almost seventeen years working as a prosecutor at the Chemung County District Attorney’s Office. Throughout that period Damian built strong relationships https://bstcitas.es/best-dating-apps/ with law enforcement and local officials from nearly every aspect of public administration across Chemung County.  Damian’s colleagues regard him as abundantly fair and consistent as they have observed Damian’s willingness to analyze issues thoroughly before reaching final decisions.

Damian has had the unique experience of working in nearly all of the courts throughout Chemung County.  Handling most of the criminal cases assigned to retired County Court Judge James T. Hayden for many years, Damian was able to learn by watching the way Judge Hayden administered justice. Judge Hayden ran a stern and orderly court. He demanded the attorneys appearing before him display respect for and thorough knowledge of the law. Damian’s experience in Judge Hayden’s court forced him to deepen his own understanding of our legal system, and it allowed Damian to develop a genuine appreciation of the way a court system can function when it is run effectively.

For the past two years Damian has worked as an Assistant County Attorney for the Chemung County Department of Social Services where he prosecutes child abuse and neglect cases. This opportunity has allowed Damian to gain a tremendous understanding of Family Law and the many very serious societal problems we have throughout our community.

As the father of two young daughters, Damian recognizes the critical need to keep our streets safe. Damian’s wife, Christina Bruner Sonsire, and him vowed long ago to do whatever they can to help make Chemung County the kind of place their children will want to call home one day. Serving as judge would allow Damian the chance to use the experience and talents he possesses in order to uphold his promise.